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Pool Table Refelting Service Lee and Collier County, FL


If your table appears bare and worn and you are looking for a pool table refelting service anywhere inside Collier or Lee County, FL, then you have come to the perfect place. One of the biggest independent businesses in the US, All American Billiards, specializes in refelting, refurbishing, servicing, and maintaining pool tables to get your pool table back in working order.


Our technical table surveyors and table engineers are specialized experts in maintaining pool tables of all brands. Having been in the cue sports industry for decades, we have the expertise to assist with all elements of all types of pool tables.


Contact us now to convert your tired-looking pool table into a new, modern table.

Billiard Table Refelting in Lee and Collier County, FL

We provide with professional billiard table refelting service in all Lee and Collier County in Florida.


Having damaged felt as a table cover on a beautifully refurbished pool table is the worst thing you can witness. It detracts from the table's aesthetic appeal and can make playing on it challenging.


With decades of experience in the pool table recovery industry, All American Billiards has a wealth of knowledge regarding refelting and recovering all types and sizes in a wide range of gorgeous fabric colors. With our superb craft, we can solve any issues you might have with your pool tables to restore any table to its former splendor.



We take pride in providing pool table refelting that is reasonable, professional, and dependable. Prices for a full bed and cushion pool table recovery vary depending on the table type, size and materials.


Please fill out our contact form to request a free quote.


Refelting Process

If the table felt is stapled to the surface, we first remove the staples using a staple remover; if it is glued, we peel the felt off. Afterward, we wipe off the dust with a dry, clean cloth. We use a putty knife or another flat blade to scrape out any accumulated old glue or another residue. The new felt is then adhered to the slate's bottom using glue and staples. We stretch the felt until there are no creases when using simple glue.


As for the cushions, we take them off the side rails and scrape off the old felt. In the meantime, we cut and trim new pillow felt before wrapping and adhering it to brand-new cushions, which are then reattached to the side rails after they are completely ready.


Refelt Colors

At All American Billiards, we provide a whole spectrum of colors with variations so you can choose your preferred shade. The best thing to do is visit our billiard shop, where you may hold samples of various felt in all the available colors.

Why Us?

  • Years of Experience


We have been in this business for decades and have mastered the art of creating the ideal table for each of our clients.


  • Competitive Pricing


We constantly work to keep our prices low for our clients. We offer upscale, exclusive tables at reasonable costs.


  • Excellent Customer Support


Since we are only content when you are, we want to ensure you receive the product you wish, good value for your money, and a customized experience.



  • What is Refelting a Pool table?
    Refelting a pool table, also known as recovering a pool table, is removing the colored felt/cloth that covers the top of the table and replacing it. Two types of pool tablecloth are most popular in the modern game: ● Worsted cloth ● Woolen clothing Worsted cloth: frequently referred to as "performance cloth" because of its fast-playing characteristics and smooth texture. It is robustly built and provides consistent speed and accuracy over the course of the cloth. Woolen cloth: Millions of tables worldwide in residential and business settings are covered with woolen cloth due to its reduced price and the fact that it is frequently provided with the table at no additional cost.
  • How often should you refelt pool table?
    If you play pool four or more times per week, you should replace the felt on your billiard table every two to five years. However, your felt can last between five and fifteen years if you occasionally play.
  • Can you vacuum the pool table felt?
    While it could be tempting, cleaning your pool table the same way your other furniture risks damaging the felt and your table. So, it is not recommended to clean your table with a vacuum.
  • Is it difficult to replace the pool table felt?
    Although you can replace felt on your own, it is not easy, so if you can choose, always choose a professional.
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