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"Simply the best in billiards service"

Professional Pool Table Movers Lee and Collier County, Florida


Pool tables are one of the hardest things to move on your own and should only be handled by specialists. Here is where All American Billiards can be of assistance. We are a full-service professional pool table movers operating in Lee and Collier County for decades.


We are the best people to transport your pool table as we follow a procedure and adhere to all rules and regulations along the route, so everything goes as planned.


Call us, and we'll walk you through the process to make it quick and effective.

Billiard Table Moving Service

All American Billiards has years of experience providing individual and business billiard table moving services. When it comes to disassembling, moving, or reassembling a billiard table, we are experts at doing it with a process that goes like clockwork.


No matter the size, we will move your table skillfully and efficiently. Our team of managers and movers collaborate to guarantee that your needs are met as quickly as possible. Don't hesitate to contact us to get the most economical pool table relocation.


Expert Table Installers

If you're looking for a pool table installer, you've come to the perfect spot. Pool table moving, installation, maintenance, leveling, and recovery, we do all. Two of our highly qualified installers handle delivery and installation, arrive at your preferred location, and set up and level the table as you want. 

Pool Table Transport Cost

Our pricing is all in line with industry standards, which implies that we never ask for more money from you than you should. We follow the rules that the government establishes.


Our price quotes are free, truthful, and open. Please fill out the form to request one right now!


Local Pool Table Movers Lee and Collier County, FL

It's never a good idea to move a pool table yourself. Hiring pool table movers like us is the most effective way to do this. Our local pool table movers in Lee and Collier County, FL, can move your pool table quickly since they have the right tools and abilities. Pool tables are not only hefty but also quite significant. It's advisable to leave moving it through doorways and down staircases to our specialists because doing so is exceedingly tricky.

Table Removal

You must remove your table with the utmost care. Any damage, even a tiny chip on the corner, is a big no-no! For many years, we have provided table removal, transport, adjustment, and set up at their new property. With our experience, we consistently achieve the highest quality craft and guarantee the best and one-of-a-kind pool table removal service.


Our Process

Measuring the weight

We measure the size and weight of the pool table and the type of felt used on the tabletop to determine whether we have the appropriate crew and tools for the operation.


If the pool table can be disassembled, we begin removing the various parts. We keep track of all the parts, so they don't get lost.

Lifting the Table

We lift it onto the truck and drive to the chosen location while ensuring that the table is covered, protected, and secure during the transition.


We will bring your pool table to your chosen location at your request.


The pool table is unpacked and put together once it has arrived at the new location. We use a gentle brush to wash the table felt before leveling it to the proper height.

Why Us?

All American Billiards is your right choice for moving the pool table. You can relax and put your faith in our superior quality and commitment to providing you with honest pool table moving service.


  • We ensure that all of our movers and moving vans follow the regulations, safety requirements, and rules the government sets.


  • We have the top movers in the US, and they have the training necessary to comprehend your needs fully. They are accommodating and helpful.


  • We are well-established and have a wealth of knowledge. We don't skimp on the technology we employ.


  • Our customers benefit greatly from our temporary storage solutions in various circumstances.

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