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Pool Table Cushion Replacement Service

What happened to your pool table cushions, which should have lasted for many years? Was a substandard batch of cushion rubber used to assemble your table? Was there another reason? Whatever the cause, your play level depends on these rubber parts. The only option is to replace all of the rubber cushions.

All American Billiards carries the cushion rail rubber for most of the top pool tables and provides skilled service for pool table cushion replacement. Our experts have years of expertise to provide our customers with better, longer-lasting results.

Contact us now to level up your game again!


Cushion Replacement Lee and Collier County, FL

Your pool table is gorgeous, yet there's something off about it. The cushions don't seem to be bouncing correctly. What should you do? Perhaps find the best cushion replacement service, and guess what? You have come to the right place, as we are number one in Lee and Collier County, FL. For any make, condition, and pool table, we can assist, advise, and provide the best cushion replacement necessary to bring your table up to its highest playing potential.

New Cushion Installation for Your Snooker Table

Don't let the sagging cushions of your snooker table ruin your game. Wondering how to install new cushions on your table rails? Call our snooker table repair professionals. 


At All American Billiards, our specialists properly install your new snooker table cushion by first removing the old cushion rails from the table, cleaning the rails so that they are ready to accept the new cushions, and then attaching the cushion rails to the new cushion blocks. If you have any queries about our snooker table cushion replacement, speak to one of our experts today. 


Bumpers and Felt

Your pool table's bumpers and felt will eventually wear out. Even if you don't play often, you should prepare to replace these parts. We provide the best service in town to replace your pool table's rubber bumpers, but re-felting is required simultaneously. Please call for pricing; prices vary depending on the brand and quality of the bumpers.


The cushion replacement cost varies depending on the size of the cushions, thickness, the type of material used in the cushion core, and many other factors.


Please complete our form for a price, noting the size, manufacturer, and location of your pool table.


Why Us?

  • We are reliable, which will show up once we complete the task.

  • Our professionals with years of expertise and excellent skill levels will work on your table.

  • We might not be the cheapest, but we are unquestionably the most affordable.

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