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Pool Table Repair Service Lee & Collier County FL

Does your pool table have shifting pockets, popping rails, chalky felt, or unsteady legs? Perhaps it's time for a pool table repair, but if you don't have the right tools for the job, it will be more complex, and you risk harming your pool table. Even a minor mistake could have disastrous results.


At All American, our experts have all the necessary expertise, experience, equipment, and technology to guarantee promptness and expert outcomes.


Contact us if you are looking for the best pool table repair service anywhere in Lee and Collier County, and rest confident that we will give your pool table its greatest possible playing condition.


Our Work & Services 


* Services provided but not limited to:


What we do

All & any billiards service such as , pool table moves , refelting , leveling , new cushions , creating slate , etc.


Antique pool tables , Shuffle Boards , Ping Pong tables , Foosball & Air Hockey.


- Handling all your Game Room needs


Mobile Pool Table Repair and Maintenance Near You

Are you thinking of breathing new life into your old and boring pool table? Busy with a hectic schedule and can't go out? Looking for a pool table repair service "near me"? All American Billiards offers comprehensive mobile pool table repair and maintenance by providing a large selection of replacement pool table parts, such as cushions, shims, gulleys, and pockets. Our experts understand your needs and schedule and will come to your chosen location at your time.

Pool Table Assembly and Disassembly

Have you recently bought a new table and need it put together? Do you need your table to be disassembled or moved because you are moving out? Let our skilled professionals do the task on your behalf. Our experts provide flawless quality in assembling, disassembling, relocating, and reassembling your pool table. We visit your house to construct or deconstruct your table per your needs by joining or disjoining the slates, side rails, and bumpers. We are dedicated to excellence and work hard to satisfy and exceed our client's expectations.


Billiard Table Setup

Every pool table is highly technical in nature, so only a skilled pool table installer should set it up. Allowing a professional trained in a pool table set up to handle the process from beginning to end is much wiser. At All American Billiards, our team is skilled and knowledgeable and has access to resources to quickly and correctly set up your pool table in your gaming room in the blink of an eye.  For further details on our pool table setup service "near me," don't hesitate to contact us to discuss.

Leveling Pool Tables

Every pool player knows that if the table is not level, it is impossible to play a perfect game of pool. No matter the reason behind the unevenness of your pool table, we advise hiring a professional rather than attempting to fix it yourself. Let All American Billiards be your help if you need a pool table leveling service in Lee and Collier County area. Our expert pool mechanics thoroughly inspect the table's condition before taking the necessary corrective action to level it, allowing you to resume playing your favorite game in your house as soon as possible.


Why Us?

All American Billiards has years of extensive experience in the pool repair business. We know more than any other company about the repairing, refelting, installing, and leveling industries and have coordinated our expertise and technology with local, customized solutions. Our services have become the most in-demand since we offer complete support and backup to our consumers and first-rate after-sales care.


  • Years of experience

  • Mobile and same-day services

  • Competitive rates

  • 24/7 customer support

  • No hidden charges


  • What is Refelting a Pool table?
    Refelting a pool table, also known as recovering a pool table, is removing the colored felt/cloth that covers the top of the table and replacing it. Two types of pool tablecloth are most popular in the modern game: ● Worsted cloth ● Woolen clothing Worsted cloth: frequently referred to as "performance cloth" because of its fast-playing characteristics and smooth texture. It is robustly built and provides consistent speed and accuracy over the course of the cloth. Woolen cloth: Millions of tables worldwide in residential and business settings are covered with woolen cloth due to its reduced price and the fact that it is frequently provided with the table at no additional cost.
  • How often should you refelt pool table?
    If you play pool four or more times per week, you should replace the felt on your billiard table every two to five years. However, your felt can last between five and fifteen years if you occasionally play.
  • Can you vacuum the pool table felt?
    While it could be tempting, cleaning your pool table the same way your other furniture risks damaging the felt and your table. So, it is not recommended to clean your table with a vacuum.
  • Is it difficult to replace the pool table felt?
    Although you can replace felt on your own, it is not easy, so if you can choose, always choose a professional.

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